Chamber” in chamber music originally referred to a room in a house or palace in which the music was performed. At the Chamber Circle, we stay true to that tradition by organizing quarterly soirées at a private residence. These private soirées feature members performing for one another and to friends in an informal environment. We feature standard repertoire, and also occasionally premiere contemporary works.

The Chamber Circle knows how daunting it can be for even the best chamber musicians to find other good chamber musicians – and so, we are very proactive in:

  1. Recommending suitable repertoire – encouraging our musicians to expand their musical horizons
  2. Matching appropriate partners – of the same music-making ability
  3. Providing the platform to perform (private soirées, productions and public concerts)


Only soirées starting from Dec 2016 are listed here.

3rd December 2016

1. Brahms Piano Quartet No.1 in g minor, Op.25 (first movement)

2. Schubert Arpeggione Sonate (first movement)

3. Conner VanderBeek Heartbeat

4. Dvorak Piano Trio No.4 in e minor, Op.90 (first and second movement)

5. Schubert Fantasia in f minor, D.940 (first, third and fourth movement)

6. Matiegka Serenade for Flute, Viola and Guitar, Op.26 (first movement)

7. Bruch 8 Pieces for Clarinet, Viola and Piano, Op.83 (No. 5 and No. 7)

8. “Hm! Hm! Hm!” (Quintet from Die Zauberflote – Mozart)

25th February 2017

1. Dvorak Piano Quintet

2. Mozart Clarinet Trio

3. Leila/Nadir Duet (The Pearlfishers – Bizet)

4. Beethoven Piano Cello Duo WoO 46

5. El Cant Dells Ocells (Montsalvatge)

6. Manuel Infante Danses Andalouses III Gracia (El Vito) Piano Duo


26th May 2017

1. Verdi Trio from “Un giorno di regno”

2. Brahms Clarinet Trio

3. Debussy Petite Suite for 4 Hands

4. Mendelssohn Piano Trio

5. Vaughan Williams Selected movements from the song cycle “On Wenlock Edge” for Tenor and Piano Quintet


5th August 2017

1. Brahms Piano Trio No. 3 in c minor Op. 101 (first movement)

2. Faure Piano Quartet No. 1 in c minor Op. 15 (first movement)

3. Marion Bauer Oboe and Clarinet duo Op. 25

4. Handel “Se in fiorito” (Cesare’s aria in Act 2 Scene 2) accompanied by strings

5. Handel “Son nata a lagrimar” (Sesto’s and Cornelia’s duet in Act 1 Scene 11) accompanied by strings


18th November 2017

1. Dvorak String Quartet

2. Opera mixer preview

3. Schumann trio for clarinet, viola and piano

4. Selections from Sure on this Shining Night recital

5. Vaughan William On Wenlock edge part 2: String quartet with piano and voice


14th April 2018

1. Telemann Concerto for 4 Violins in D Major TWV40:202

2. Ravel Piano Trio in a minor (first movement)

3. Grieg Violin Sonata in c minor (second movement)

4. Schubert Piano Trio No. 2 Op. 100 in Eb major (second movement)

5. Milhaud Suite for Violin, Clarinet and Piano Op. 157b